The 2004 ITSF award presentation

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[; Tuesday, 10.2.2004; By anonymous] The ITSF Award 2004 -an annual event attributed for the scientific community in Indonesia- was carried out on February 3 in Jakarta. The event had taken place for the ten times since being introduced for first the time in 1993. The award presentation was being held before the State Minister for Research and Technology and the 2001 Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry Prof. Ryoji Noyori from Japan who was invited as the special guest speaker.The ITSF -Indonesia Toray Science Fondation which was initiated by the Japanese chemical and textile industry of Torray Industries Inc sponsorships in 1993- has provided the annual ITSF Award ever since. The award is a grant program purely allocated with bound to nothing other than the company’s participation specifically to stimulate the research activities in the scientist’s community and promote the Science and Technology in Indonesia. The award attributed as the incentives research fund for the field of basic science which are chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics.

The 2004 ITSF Award was presented to: Dr. Arief Budi, M.Eng from LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Science) who conducted a research topic entitled “The Engineering of the Propeller Structure Protein” and Dr. Rer. Nat Evvy Kartini from BATAN (National Atomic Agency) with a research topic on “The Research and Development of the Superionic Glasses Conductors by the Neutron Dispersion”. Both winners had the privileged for the prize money of an amount of Rp.60 million.

The award was also attributed for the teaching of the scientific education for the SMU or the Senior High Schools level. This type of award is an incentive of of Rp 17,5 million which given away to 10 teachers from all around the country. The ITSF Award Grant for Research Fund of Rp. 639 million was distributed proportionately for 19 researchers from various research institutes and universities.

In his address, the State Minister for Research and Technology deeply appreciated the existence of the ITSF Award, and suggested that this model of private industry enterprise’s participation to stimulate national the development of Science and Technology should be rewarded respectively by Government, such like by applying of the “tax holiday” incentive. However, this governance policy must be declared clearly by the specified Law.

More over, the State Minister for Research and Technology also realised on the importance of the strategic step -that has still been striving forward continously by the KMNRT or the Office of the State Ministry for Research and Technology- to affix the term of “Science and Technology” onto the specified article of the Amendment of the UUD 45 Constitution, so that, the Science & Technology will be designated into an important position in the framework of the national development in the near future.
Prof. Ryoji Noyori whilst presented his winning research presentation of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, also expressed his optimism regarding the Indonesian scientists capability to achieve the highest quality in par with the Japanese scientist’s works like himself, provided that they all always ready to work hard and able to develop networks with other researchers colleagues in the industrialized countries.


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